Original Sokos Hotel Valjus

Original – something authentic in the centre of the town. A beautiful view over the river, the castle ruins only a block away, and the selection of the town centre services are all tied together.

The story began over a hundred years ago from a store run by Antti Valjus. In the 1970s, the store became the popular Hotel Valjus and its restaurants the definition for the place to be. Over time, Osuuskauppa Maakunta cooperative took the reins by renovating the building into a modern town centre hotel, replacing the disco balls with local kitchen delicacies as well as international cuisine. This is the story of how Sokos Hotel Valjus was born and how it is now marching to the same beat with its joyful customers, in the centre of Kajaani.

Sulo Food & Wine

Sulo is a casual and relaxed spot in the town centre. You can come to Sulo to watch sports, enjoy latest coffee trends and the sweet variety of the menu and its delicious drinks! You can also find a tasty lunch buffet, open on weekdays from 10.45 to 13.30.

Restaurant Sulo menu and opening hours.