Eino Leino’s Kajaani

Armas Einar Leopold Lönnbohm, the Emperor of Poetry Eino Leino as he was also known, was born on 6 July 1878 in Paltaniemi of Paltamo, which today is a part of Kajaani. He spent his childhood in the Hövelö house as did his well-known brothers Oskar Andres Ferdinand Lönnbohm (1856-1927) and Kasimir Agathon Leino (1866-1919). The Eino Leino House, built in a traditional way and true to the old Hövelö house, was opened on Eino Leino’s 100th anniversary in 1978. The house provides an introduction to the poet’s colourful life and extensive literary works. The house also hosts an exhibition on Elias Lönnrot’s life.

Eino Leino House

The Eino Leino House was built in 1978 resembling the house where Eino Leino was born. The house is jointly owned by the Eino Leino Society in Kainuu and the Elias Lönnrot Society. Another great man used to live in the old Hövelö house as well; Elias Lönnrot, who compiled Kalevala, the national epic of Finland, and lived in Hövelö around the time when the Old Kalevala was published.

The Eino Leino House exhibits, among others, photos of the life and works of Elias Lönnrot and Eino Leino. The house also hosts an Eino Leino book exhibition and includes a café and a shop for related books and other cultural products. The Lystinurmi barn located in the courtyard also hosts exhibitions during summer.

In July, Paltaniemi Theatre produces summer theatre plays on a stage built on the courtyard. Schedules are listed in the Eino Leino Society in Kainuu website. www.kainuuneinoleinoseura.fi

The Eino Leino House organizes literary workshops in connection with the Paltaniemi Day, held in July. In addition, Tanssiurheiluseura Kajaanin Casamba dance club organises dance courses and performandes at the Eino Leino House during summer. Outside the summer theatre season, there are also poetry readings in the Eino Leino House cafe on Thursday evenings.

There is a traditional playground for children with an open view to the lake and the sheep on the courtyard. You can use the specially built steps and duckboards to get to the pier.

The Eino Leino House can be booked for private events all year round. During summer, both the Eino Leino House and Lystinurmi barn are popular venues for example for weddings. Up-to-date information on the programme and events can be found on the website and on Facebook.

A voluntary entrance fee to the house is 2 euros per person, also for groups.