Steamship S/S Kouta

Steamship cruise on Lake Oulujärvi

Experience the Lake Oulujärvi landscape on an authentic steamship cruise. You can arrange your own charter cruise or take part in one of our scenic cruises open for all, departing from Kajaani.

Can you hear the steam whistle calling?

The ropes are let loose as the white-sided steamship slides across River Kajaaninjoki with its prow towards Lake Oulujärvi. The 99-year-old steam engine under the deck, heated with care, chugs to a steady rhythm and moves the craft almost silently. On River Kajaaninjoki, we pass by the landscape that inspired Lönnrot and Leino and soon one of the biggest lakes in Finland opens up ahead of us. Steep sandy banks shimmer in the summer sun. This is the authentic steamship atmosphere!

Buy tickets to scenic cruises or arrange your own charter cruise!

Steamship Kouta is the northernmost steamship in Europe. We welcome you to enjoy the authentic steamship atmosphere and the beautiful landscape of Lake Oulujärvi on our scenic cruises in July or by arranging your own charter cruise.

The steamship offers a unique setting for a client event, staff recreation day or for a memorable party.