Kajaani Orthodox Church

The Orthodox Church in Kajaani was completed in 1959. The icons and murals painted between 1988 and 2005 by Petros Sasaki and Alkiviadis Kepolas represent the old style. The Orthodox Church in Kajaani is the only Byzantine style church in Scandinavia.

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Orthodox cemetery
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Kajaani Chapel
Kirkkoahontie 640

The Orthodox Chapel in Kajaani was opened for ecclesiastical use on Saturday 18 August 2012. The Metropolitan Panteleimon of the Oulu Diocese carried out the blessing of the water. The chapel is built in the same fashion as the Church of Resurrection of Lazarus from Murom Monastery, dating back to the 15th century in Kizhi Museum Island, in Lake Onega. Karelian church architecture is present in the shape of log walls, in decorations, in the sharp slope of the roof and in the onion shape of the dome. The chapel has room for approximately 50 people.