Kaukametsä Culture and Congress Centre

Kaukametsä Culture and Congress Centre enjoys a scenic location by River Kajaaninjoki.

The endless possibilities of Kaukametsä

Known for its graceful architecture, Kaukametsä Culture and Congress Centre hosts about 400 events annually; meetings, educational and cultural events and festivities. Kaukametsä Culture and Congress Centre is formed by congress and cultural services, Kaukametsän opisto community college, Kainuun musiikkiopisto music institute, Mamselli (facilities available by prior arrangement), Hotel Scandic Kajanus and Water Fitness Centre Kaukavesi.

The biggest annual events are Kajaanin Runoviikko Poetry Festival, Kajaani Tanssii Dance Festival and Kajaanin Kevät Music Festival.

Kajaanin Runoviikko Poetry Festival 

Kajaanin Runoviikko Poetry Festival, founded in 1976, is the oldest and biggest festival in Finland specialized in poetry, recitation and theatre for the whole family. The programme consists of performances from many different forms of art as well as meet and greets and discussions with authors, and continues to be surprising, funny and current.

Kajaani Tanssii Dance Festival 

Kajaani Tanssii Dance Festival is a special venue for dancers, choreographers and the audience, held for 26 consecutive years. The festival is unlike any other collaborative dance event in Finland. Its diverse programme takes the audience all the way from a playful and cheerful form of dance to a more series and reflective form of dance, representing all dance genres.