Vimpelinlaakso urheilukeskus sport centre

Vimpelinlaakson urheilukeskus sports centre is located in the southwest side of Kajaani, about two kilometres from the town centre, by Kuntokatu road. The area serves superior sports possibilities – among others an international level eight-track athletics field, two football fields, four asphalt covered tennis courts in the summer, two ice rinks in the winter and of course the main building.

There is an ice hall, downhill skiing slope, permanent control point network and a frisbee golf course in Vimpelinlaakso, among others. The Kajaanin Pallohalli sports centre, a tennis hall and a ski cabin are also located in the vicinity of the Vimpelinlaakson urheilukeskus sports centre. Bookings can be made through relevant channels.

The Vimpelinlaakso area is very diverse and therefore provides an excellent setting for hikers and skiers. There is a lit public trail and a lit 4,2-kilometre cross-country ski trail as well as other ski trails ranging from 1 to 26 kilometres. The starting points have signposts for trails and cabins and the trails themselves are marked with colour codes and signs. The trails are suitable for both skate skiing and classic style skiing. In addition, there is a biathlon centre in the area.